How long is each session? 

Each session is typically 8 weeks long and meets for one hour each week after school.

How many students are in each class?

We require a minimum of 10 students per class. Our maximum is 23 students per class.

Can parents stay AND OBSERVE THE CLASS? 

Parents are welcome to stay and observe the first class of each session. Family and friends are also invited to come to a special showcase during the last class of each session. 

Is there a performance? 

Each session ends with a small performance for parents. We invite family and friends to come to the last 15 minutes of the last class of each session to see what we’ve been working on throughout the session.

How can I enroll? 

You can register online at or by completing the registration form and mailing it in with payment.

What is each class like? 

Each class starts with attendance, a quick snack/restroom break and warm ups. Then we work on building various stage skills through theatre games and exercises. Then we work on a group song or scene from a popular Broadway show. 

What are some of the benefits of theatre training?

Speaking loudly and clearly, thinking on your feet, following your instincts, listening and responding, focus and concentration, recognizing and expressing emotions, improve memory, empathy, improved coordination and rhythm and much, much more!

Do you offer refunds?

We offer refunds through the 2nd class of each session. You will not be refunded for classes already taken. Refunds are not offered after casting is announced for shows.

How can I make sure my student will get to theatre class safely? 

Rosters are given to the school office and classroom teachers are notified that they have a student participating in our program. Students are reminded at the end of the school day to report to theatre class. Kindergarteners are typically accompanied to theatre class at the end of the day. Additionally, we take attendance at the start of each theatre class so locate any students who may have forgotten. 

Should I let you know if my student will not be at theatre class?

Yes, please let us know if your child will be absent for any reason to avoid getting a call home. Please don’t assume the school will let us know if your child was sick that day. 

What kind of experience do your instructors have?

All of our Teaching Artists are working professionals in the theatre business. They hold (or are in progress with) a theatre and/or theatre education degree and have experience in professional theatre and/or theatre education. All Teaching Artists have completed thorough background checks. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Brenda Dodge, Education Director, at 414-366-3634 or