Policies & Notices 


  • Registration is required before a student is allowed to participate in Forte Theatre Company’s (hereafter FTC) educational programs. You may enroll at www.fortetheatrecompany.org or by completing a registration form and mailing it, with your tuition payment, to: Forte Theatre Company, PO Box 321422, Franklin, WI 53132. Registration forms can be found on our website or, in some cases, in the school/venue office.
  • Payments are the responsibility of the parent or guardian. There is no billing.
  • Please make checks payable to Forte Theatre Company. Returned checks are subject to a $15 fee.
  • A confirmation email will be sent once registration has been received with any additional information you will need for the class or camp. 

Class location

  • FTC’s educational programs are conducted on site at the designated venue/school. Students should go directly to the assigned room at the end of the school day or report to the assigned room upon arrival. The instructor will be there to greet the students and take attendance. 


  • Parents/guardians are required to inform FTC if your child will be absent from class (due to illness, appointments, etc.). No makeup class is offered due to student absence. If the instructor is ill or absent, a makeup class will be conducted. Lessons are not prorated if your child is absent from class. 


  • Please have your child wear appropriate and comfortable clothing that they can easily move around in. Physical warm ups, dance and stage movement is included in many of our programs. It is helpful for the students to be able to move comfortably. Dance shoes are not required unless otherwise specified. 

Pick Up 

  • Pick up will be at the front of the school/venue unless otherwise specified. Please make sure that you are on time picking up your child. A late fee will be implemented for parents/guardians who are continually late (please see the “Late Fees” section below).
  • Students staying for after school care (i.e. Kids Club) will be accompanied to the designated location by the instructor. 

Late Fees 

  • Please make sure you are on time picking up your child, as many of our instructors are assigned to multiple classes/schools per day. You are considered late if you are picking up your child more than 5 minutes after the end of class time. Late parents/guardians will receive:
    • Offense #1: warning
    • Offense #2: a late fee of $20 + $1 for every minute they are late
  • FTC reserves the right to remove a student from the program if late pick up continues to occur. 


  • Classes: Refunds may be given through the 2nd week of the session. Refunds will not be given for classes already attended.
  • Shows/Camps: No refunds will be given after casting is announced for a show. 

Class Observation 

  • Parents are welcome to attend the first and last class of each session. Exceptions may be made upon prior instructor approval. 


  • There will be a small performance on the last class of each session during the last 15 minutes of class. Family and friends are welcome to attend.

    Note: This performance is not a full production with costumes and scenery. We will be performing songs, scenes and/or exercises that the students worked on throughout that session. 


  • FTC produces musicals at some of our participating venues, usually in the spring. Everyone who registers for the show is automatically in the cast. Auditions for role placement take place on the first day of rehearsal. No refunds will be given after casting is announced. A special performance time will be scheduled outside of regular class time (usually in the evening). 

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