We are proud to offer after school theatre classes and summer camps at schools throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. 

Students learn the basics of acting, singing and musical theatre dance while having a lot of fun! Focus is put on developing social skills, imagination, empathy and a positive self image through the performing arts. 



There are many personal, social and physical benefits that students gain while having fun exploring the wonderful world of theatre:

PERSONAL: increase confidence, focus and concentration, expand creativity and imagination, thinking on their feet, improve memory, recognizing and expressing emotions

SOCIAL: listening and responding, teamwork, empathy, respecting others

PHYSICAL: speaking loudly and clearly, improved coordination and rhythm

…and much more!

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Thanks to a generous donation from Evinrude, we are proud to be able to offer scholarships to students in need.

Please email or call 414-366-3634 for more information.

interested in having our theatre program at your school or venue?

Please contact Brenda Dodge at (414) 530-5263. 

The arts must be at the heart of every child’s learning experience if they are to have a chance to dream and to create, to have beliefs, to carry a sense of cultural identity.”
— James Wolfensohn, former chairman of the Kennedy Center